Ancestors’ Causes of Death Chart

Thought it would be interesting to see the causes of death and the ages of my ancestors. Sad to see the ones who lived hard lives and died young, and surprised to see the longevity of some others. Completing this chart was a good excuse to dig into these death records. (And double check that I had them!)


2019 Genealogy Goals

Took last year away from the blog to focus on career & (living) family. I’m not a big fan of New Year Resolutions, but it is a good time to refocus and work on old and new goals. This year my seem like a tall order, so hoping to make progress on all points:

  • Continue and hopefully finish scanning old family photos, digitally organizing them, and storing on external hard drives/uploading to cloud storage
  • Slowly but surely re-work my tree with Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do-Over
  • Actually order original documents for close relatives, as needed
  • Write blog posts at least once every other week
  • Finally check out my local Family History Center
  • Attend the local genealogy conference
  • Index digitized records on FamilySearch