Old Family Photos – Friday Favorites Week #2

Another Friday and another favorite family photo to share.

This is a snapshot of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. My grandfather fought in WWII and was in continental Europe when it ended. He managed to take in some of the sights during his time there. The site looks the same as seen from a photo found at warrelics.eu.

Old Family Photos – Friday Favorites Week #1

Lots of family photos–and lots of favorites. This year, I’m challenging myself to post each week as Friday Favorites.

This is my mother and her great aunt Amparo in Puerto Rico during the early 1960s. In this photo, her great aunt already appears to be an old woman. Tía Amparo lived another 30 years after this photo and died at nearly 100.

New Spouse and New Family Tree

The wedding was fun but for the family tree, this could be a whole new can of worms. I’m a genealogy enthusiast for my own family history, but what is the best way to begin tackling my new husband’s family tree? Yikes! 

Some of his relatives have done a bit of work through their own enthusiasm. In a perfect world, every relationship would be correct and sourced to the fullest extent. While a newbie geni, I learned the hard way that not all trees out there are correct or sourced. Not to mention all those copied and pasted trees. Those are a nightmare!

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. When looking back on the work in my own tree, I have said if I knew some of the pitfalls beforehand, then I would do my research differently. I’m going to keep that in mind moving forward with the new hubby’s tree.

Little by little, I will begin taking on my new family’s tree with some work done already by his relatives. My goal: tactfully and graciously use their trees as guides while doing my own review and search to document sources. Would love to hear any suggestions for this next research adventure!