Old Family Photos – Friday Favorites Week #15

They look like old gangsters, but this was the kids’ baptism. The side says, “Recuerdo del bautismo de los niños Villamil y Vazquez en el restaurant El Buen Cafe NYC 2/12/33.” El Buen Cafe was Tío Severo’s restaurant at 7 W. 116th St. NYC.

1. Abino Vazquez Colon; 2. Isabel Villamil Vega de Vazquez; 3. Louis Vazquez; 4. Robert Vazquez; 5. Olga Vazquez; 6. Norma Vazquez; 7. Baby Uncle Sonny; 8. Severo Villamil Vega; 9. Margarita Landron Maldonado de Villamil; 10. Felicita “Cookie” Villamil; 11. William Villamil; 12. Enrique Kidd; 13. Antonia Landron Maldonado de Kidd


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