Old Family Photos – Friday Favorites Week #15

They look like old gangsters, but this was the kids’ baptism. The side says, “Recuerdo del bautismo de los niños Villamil y Vazquez en el restaurant El Buen Cafe NYC 2/12/33.” El Buen Cafe was Tío Severo’s restaurant at 7 W. 116th St. NYC.

1. Abino Vazquez Colon; 2. Isabel Villamil Vega de Vazquez; 3. Louis Vazquez; 4. Robert Vazquez; 5. Olga Vazquez; 6. Norma Vazquez; 7. Baby Uncle Sonny; 8. Severo Villamil Vega; 9. Margarita Landron Maldonado de Villamil; 10. Felicita “Cookie” Villamil; 11. William Villamil; 12. Enrique Kidd; 13. Antonia Landron Maldonado de Kidd

Old Family Photos – Friday Favorites Week #1

Lots of family photos–and lots of favorites. This year, I’m challenging myself to post each week as Friday Favorites.

This is my mother and her great aunt Amparo in Puerto Rico during the early 1960s. In this photo, her great aunt already appears to be an old woman. Tía Amparo lived another 30 years after this photo and died at nearly 100.

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We’ve all seen it–the zoned-out, eye-glazed-over effect we have on our family members when we enthusiastically share our newest genealogical discoveries. But I finally figured out a way to elicit responses that aren’t as lackluster. After scanning and re-scanning the … Continue reading