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We’ve all seen it–the zoned-out, eye-glazed-over effect we have on our family members when we enthusiastically share our newest genealogical discoveries. But I finally figured out a way to elicit responses that aren’t as lackluster. After scanning and re-scanning the … Continue reading

Unidentified People in Old Albums #2

Round 2 of unidentified people from Grandma’s photo albums. Old photos are always interesting, even when you don’t know who they are. I love the colorized one!

unidentified 071a unidentified 016a unidentified 082a

Unidentified People in Old Albums #1

After combing through my great grandmother’s photos a million times, there is still a small stack with unidentified people. My great grandmother lived in the Bronx, New York from the 1920s until the 1970s. There were also many trips to visit family in Manatí, Puerto Rico. Some of the people in these photos may be distant relatives, but the majority are likely friends and neighbors. If anyone happens to identify the subjects in the photos, please let me know!

unidentified 063a unidentified 032a unidentified 018a

Grandma Lied?! Family fact turned family fiction.

Abino and Isabel When searching for documentation on my great-grandmother, Isabel, I wasn’t able to find her civil birth registration. Where it was supposed to be, it wasn’t there. While searching for her sister’s birth record, I was surprised to find Isabel’s birth certificate in 1902–five years earlier than expected. Isabel’s death certificate and headstone both have 1907 (the incorrect birth year) which was the “known” fact. My grandfather was her oldest child of 7 and they all “knew” she was born in 1907. She told that fact to her kids, and they all passed it down to each generation.

In the grand scheme of things, five years really isn’t much. Except it made a big difference in the story of her relationship with my great-grandfather. Isabel said her parents didn’t approve of the relationship because he was not only poor, but much older. It was a scandal that the two ran off together and she had my grandfather when she was 14! 

After finding her birth certificate, I spent extra time searching through the marriage certificates and finally managed to dig it up. The two were married the year before my grandfather was born. Isabel was 18 and my great-grandfather was 23. So…no scandal, no running away with a much older guy, and definitely no having a kid at 14. Now time to tell the family, including her surviving children.
People today lie about age for a number of reasons, but to make yourself younger and create a scandal? My great-grandmother told this inventive story and my great-grandfather never set anyone straight. I have no idea why she did and the motive will remain a mystery.

I love searching for documents and putting the pieces together for my family tree. Finding this birth certificate and disproving Isabel’s spun tale was a good reminder for me to look for documents to source all of my facts. This includes “known” facts and turning them  into proven facts. 

So if our ancestor lied, how do we find the truth? Challenge what you know by gathering the evidence to document and source the events in your family. Best of luck!